About Us


Profile of our Company 

AUSupreme International Holdings Limited (stock code 2031.HK) is an exclusive global brand specializes in nutritional supplements and skin care. All of our products are made in Australia, guaranteed for compliance with legislations and supreme quality; the production processes have passed the Australia TGA’s strict audit in accordance with the international standards Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and through strict safety tests of heavy metals. We have obtained numerous prizes during the years, including but not limited to “Hong Kong Top Brand Awards”, “Hong Kong Health Care Professional's Most Trusted Natural Food Brand Award” etc. Over the decade, our products have been the best sellers in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Singapore.



Corporate Awards

The Award-winning industry leader

The first Manpower Developer Award By Employees Retraining Board

Organized by Employees Retraining Board (ERB), after passing the professional accreditation and verified by Hong Kong Productivity Council, Truth & Faith International Ltd. was awarded to honor its emphasis on staff training and outstanding performance. It has been awarded the Grand Prize Award twice by ERB to commend its excellence achievement in developing the talented.

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards

Issued by Enterprise Asia, selected by a number of overseas and local judging panels, Truth & Faith International Ltd. was awarded the "Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards". Its excellent performance such as business development, business management, business philosophy and social contribution are highly appreciated. 


Prime Award for Outstanding Leaders

Issued by the Metro Prosperity Magazine and Metro Daily and selected by a professional review committee, this award is in recognition of Truth & Faith International Ltd. for its excellent business acumen, the successful business development, and the tremendous contribution to the social development. 


Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program

Issued by Hong Kong Productivity Council, after passing through multiple visits and interviews as well as the rigorous professional accreditation conducted by  HKPA, Truth & Faith International Ltd. is commended for its excellent and outstanding performance in corporate and social responsibility promotion.

The AustCham Austrade Business Promotion Award

The AustCham Austrade hosted Australian Embassy in association with the The AustCham Austrade Business Promotion Award. ACBA is a highly appreciated and testimonials of quality Australian products of Truth and Faith International Ltd. in the Greater China region; the owner exhibited outstanding business achievement and received the award.

HSBC Living Business 

Organized by HSBC, the People Caring Award is to commend the emphasis on staff training and development, promotion of employee welfares and outstanding performance of the enterprise. 


Enterprising Hong Kong Award 2014

Organized by the South China Morning Post, Truth & Faith International Ltd. was elected as the finalist of three awards, including Brand Excellence Award, Best Customer Service Award as well as Export Excellence Award, praising its business model and corporate culture, and successful promotion of its brands to both local and overseas markets.


Caring Company Award

Issued by GS1 Hong Kong, Truth and Faith International Ltd. passed 7 criterias. The Consumer Caring Scheme is to recognize local enterprises which demonstrate excellence in consumer care through effective use of technology and practice of consumer value-related strategies with ultimate goal to lift industry's overall capabilities in delivering consumer product and service.

Partner Employer Award

Organized and supported by Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing and other fifty local associations and institutions, this award is to honor the companies who take up their social responsibilities, care the staff, customers and the community, nurture young people, and provide career development opportunities for the workforce.


Family-Friendly Employers Commendation

Organized by the Family Council and issued by the Chief Secretary, this award is to commend Truth & Faith International Ltd. for its emphasis on the importance of family-friendly spirit, the implementation of family-friendly employment policies and practices, which has set up a good role model for society.

Hong Kong’s Distinguished Service Cash Award

Service & Courtesy Award is regarded as the Oscar of the Hong Kong retail sector. This award is to praise the excellent performance of the retail business and frontline practitioners, Truth & Faith International Ltd. is the first SME to win this title in the past 25 years. The gold award is also the highest honor in this category, which is the appreciation of the outstanding quality of service and brilliant performance.

Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Awards

Issued by the Mediazone enterprise, selected by the professional publishers, the selection criteria of this award include innovation, service quality, customer satisfaction, employee benefits, social responsibilities, environmental protection and continued contribution to Hong Kong's industrial, economic and social aspects. This award aims to honor the brilliant companies and brands in the China regions.



2015 CEO of the Year

Mrs Ho Ka Man, Founder and Executive Director of Truth and Faith International Limited was awarded “2015 CEO of the Year” which was organized by Capital CEO Magazine to recognize her outstanding achievements and extraordinary performance, as well as her remarkable contribution to society.

2015 The Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs

Issued by YaZhou ZhouKan and World Federation Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization, Founder and Managing Director of Truth and Faith International Limited was awarded 2015 The Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs to honor his entrepreneurial success and enthusiasm for public services. 




Brand Recognition

International Good Manufacturing Practice GMP quality assurance

With the guarantee of Australia Food and Drug Administration (TGA), all products are produced in international GMP manufacturing plant and fulfill the production standards of WHO, which ensure the safety, effectiveness and high quality of our products. 

Through rigorous heavy metals safety tests

Through strict safety tests of heavy metals, all products are mercury or ciguatera free, and absolutely no contamination of heavy metals. Complying with international standards, the quality and safety of the products are guaranteed.

Quality Tourism Services

Passing the strict annual audit by Hong Kong Tourism Board, we are proudly awarded the certificate and logo of Quality Tourism Services for the high level of service, which consolidate Hong Kong’s image as a quality tourism city. 


"No Fakes" Logo

Approved by Intellectual Property Department, the No Fakes logo ensures that the merchants adhere to the law, establish and maintain legitimate business practices, and do not sell the counterfeits.

Most Prominent Brand Award

Selected by the professional judging panels from the numerous health products, the Hong Kong Health Care Professional’s Most Trusted Natural Health Food Brand Award represents the recognition and appreciation of the high quality products.

TVB Weekly Brand Award

Awarded The Most Popular Brand in Cardiac and Liver Category from TVB Weekly, it’s a guarantee that the products have high quality and good efficacy, have strong support from the community and market shareholders, as well as have good reputation and popularity. 


Hong Kong Brand Development Council awarded “Hong Kong Top Brand”

The Hong Kong Top Brand Awards issued for Organic Nature by Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong is a recognition of its continued efforts in the development of original brand, which is a symbol of honor for excellent brand and high quality products. 

Comsumer's Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands

Organized by China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas), in addition to the establishment of professional judging panel, it also held a large scale public voting. Consumers’ Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands aim at commending the outstanding Hong Kong local brands which promote the development of the local market.  

HKIM Brand Conscience Award

Issued by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, the Hong Kong Brand Conscience Award is a commendation to recognize and honor those corporate brands for their contribution in social responsibility in the practices of seven conscience business rules.


Best Loved Brands Awards

Organized by RoadShow and supported by professional organizations, including Hong Kong Brand Development Council, Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence and Hong Kong Brand Development Council, winners are recognized as the outstanding corporate with excellence branding strategy and high public recognition among different brands in the market.